Boundary with frameless construction

The stainless steel wall is self-supporting up to a water depth of 2.2 m.

The loads incurred are dissipated at the top (pool edging) in an indoor pool to the pool surrounding cover and in an outdoor pool to the all-round strip foundation. In both cases, the loads are dissipated to the strip foundation at the base of the pool wall.

In the renovation of tiled spots pools, the tiles are normally stopped at the end walls up to the standing ledge to observe the specified competition dimensions. This is sufficient space for the 50 mm thick stainless steel construction. On the lengthwise walls, a reduction in pool width of 100 mm in total is normally accepted.

With diving pools, the strip foundations run to a water depth of 2.2 m. These are cladded with stainless steel panels. If the diving pit projects into groundwater, a concrete tub should be manufactured to keep the groundwater out.

Technology: hsb specials

With decades of experience, hsb builds swimming pools made from stainless steel. In the process, we have developed solutions that are simply better for specific issues in the fields of technology, planning, production and assembly. This experience has a significant impact on the durability and quality of our stainless steel swimming pools, as well as on the enjoyment of the pool users. Under the heading of hsb specials we have provided an overview of the key technical features.