Ingenious direction of flow for even current

The treated pool water is conveyed solely via floor channels running in the bottom of the pool. These are gutters open at the top that are covered with removable covers including inlet nozzles.

The surface of this cover is smooth or anti-slip the same as the pool floor.

The seal between the channel and cover is provided by a securely fastened, all-round EPDM seal. Two sealing lips guarantee a 100% seal.

This ensures that the water inlet is carried out solely via the nozzles. Its shape ensures the exceptionally flat water outlet at the floor, and therefore accesses the entire floor.

There are no secondary flows directly upwards to interrupt an even flow.


Technology: hsb specials

With decades of experience, hsb builds swimming pools made from stainless steel. In the process, we have developed solutions that are simply better for specific issues in the fields of technology, planning, production and assembly. This experience has a significant impact on the durability and quality of our stainless steel swimming pools, as well as on the enjoyment of the pool users. Under the heading of hsb specials we have provided an overview of the key technical features.