a material for generations

What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is the highest quality, most elegant material. Stainless steel is created by alloying the materials chrome, nickel and molybdenum to the steel. Under the influence of oxygen from the air or water, an oxide layer forms on the surface that protects the metal against corrosion. 

Stainless steel is the material with the best environmental compatibility. On the one hand, the balance of resources of the manufacturing process is less expensive compared to cement. On the other, rustproof stainless steel remains stable for many decades and does not release any substances into the water or the surrounding ground. The CO² balance of a stainless steel swimming pool is also considerably better than other pool construction materials.

Even at the end of the usage duration of the stainless steel swimming pool, the scrap stainless steel is an in-demand raw material for steel production.


Quality comes from experienced, specialised engineers as well as for production facilities developed for stainless steel pool construction and highly qualified production and assembly staff.

Quality management

Quality management - it's the only way!

hsb quality comes from the right combination of a number of production processes - so it's the sum of our many years of experience.

As a result we embody and continue to develop our quality management
system continuously in line with EN ISO 9001 - 2008.
All management, core and support processes are continuously improved by the process manager at the company and form the basis for the continuity of the company - a challenging task.

Our sense of achievement, the goal in sight: highest possible quality at reasonable prices!

9 reasons for stainless steel


Customised solution

For renovation, revitalisation and new builds. Our stainless steel swimming pool has a self-supporting construction. New builds have a strip foundation. Simply set into the concrete body during renovation work.


Lowest maintenance costs

Open air pool: The annual cleaning consists of removing leaves and debris, acid wash (remove limescale, grime and other contamination) and refill.
Indoor pool: Cleaning interval following legal requirements. Basic cleaning with acidic or alkaline cleaning agent.
There are no joints, concealed corners, niches, etc...


Simple winterisation

Overwinter stainless steel swimming pools when filled. The ice coating produced does not freeze onto the stainless steel, meaning there is no winter damage.


Virtually no consequential costs

The non-porous, enclosed surface means that algae and germs have nowhere to take hold.


Flexible pool operation

The emptying and filling procedure is simple; there are no critical stress states with consequential damage.


A complete solution

All pool fixtures such as water distribution and raw water feedback systems, stairs, ladders, bars, handrails, underwater seats, current channels and their pool inner side piping are all included and form part of the stainless steel swimming pool.


Minimal construction time

The renovation of an outdoor pool between swimming seasons is the norm with a stainless steel swimming pool. No time is lost during the bathing season.
The short construction time helps to reduce the completion time considerably for indoor pool renovation work.


Longer lifespan

Stainless steel is not subject to wear. If you want to adapt the stainless steel swimming pool in line with changing user habits, no problem: it is a welded metal construction that can be changed as required at any time and that is always water-tight.


Unrivalled sustainability balance

Even at the end of its service life, the stainless steel swimming pool is an in-demand raw material for steel production.