Ferrette / France

Builder: Communauté de Communes Sundgau

Planner: Urbane Kultur

Year of construction: 2016-2018

Water surface: 385,5 

St. Jakob / Schweiz

Garden & sportspool St. Jakob-Basel das "Joggeli"

In the garden and sportspool St. Jakob sports events such as swimming competitions are organized Renovated was the 50m pool with 4 swimming lanes and the children's pool with 250m ²

Key Data

Builder: City Basel

Planner: Architectoffice Pichler

Year of construction: 2017-2018

Water surface: 875 m²

photo: Alex Kaeslin

Erlangen Westbad/Germany

Erlangen_Indoor Sportspool, Trainingpool, Divingpool:

Key Data

Builder: Stadtwerke Erlangen

Planer: Fritz Planung GmbH

Baujahr: 2016 -2017

Watersurface: Sportspool HB 422 m² (New), Trainingpool HB 181 m² (New), Divingpool 342 m² (Renovation)


St. Georgen/Germany

Key Data

Builder: Stadt St. Georgen

Planner: Fritz Planung GmbH

Year of construction: 2016

Water surface: 347 m²

Venelles, France


Key Data

Builder: Cté du Pays d'Aix

Planner: Chabanne + Partenaires

Year of Construction: 2016

Water Surface: 1 296 m²

Dresden Freiberger Platz / Germany

The building complex "swim-and jumping hall Freibergerplatz" is the largest sports facility in Dresden for swimmingsport. 
The new building complex has a stainless swimming pool with eight 50-meter courses and a teaching pool.

Key data:

Builder: Dresdner Bäder GmbH

Planner: ARGE CODE UNIQUE / Becken USO Zittau GmbH

Year of construction: 2015 / 2016

Water surface: 1150m²

Fontenais Sous Bois

Complexe sportif Salvador Allende

Key data:

Builder: Ville de Fontenay-sous-Bois

Planner: Atelier Arcos Architecture

Year of construction: 2014

Water surface: 720 m²

Sierre Bains de Géronde / Switzerland

The pool complex, nestled into a delightful environment directly on the lakefront offers a large non-swimmers pool in addition to a 25 m sport pool. Distinctive architecture and the use of the "generation material" stainless steel reflect a managerial decision with optimal sustainability in mind.

Key data: 

Builder: Ville de Sierre

Planner: DGJ + NAU arge - Zurich

Year of construction: 2013

Total water surface: 613 m²

Centre Roosevelt Argonay

Key data:

Builder: SARL des Aquanautes

Planner: Briere & Briere Architectes

Year of construction: 2013

Water surface: 123.5 m²

Sainte Menehould / France

Key data

Builder: Cté de la région de Sainte-Ménehould

Planner: Japac

Year of construction: 2013

Water surface: 728 m²

Dumbea / New Caledonia

Pacific sport experience

A sport pool of Olympic proportions "Down Under"

Key data:

Builder: Ville de Dumbea

Planner: agence COSTE architectures

Year of construction: 2010

Water surface: 1250 m²

Zell am See / Austria

A colourful, bright indoor pool architecture including a stainless steel pool.

Key data:

Builder: Stadtgemeinde Zell am See

Planner: Architect bureau GINNER

Year of construction: 2010

Water surface: 312 m²

Gröbming / Austria

Stainless steel in combination with the region's material: wood. Perfect.

Key data:

Builder: Stadtgemeinde Gröbming

Planner: Kreiner Architektur GmbH

Year of construction: 2009-2010

Water surface: 481 m²

Fitness Studio / Austria, Germany

Whether a sport or spa pool, hygiene is at the forefront with the generation material of stainless steel.


ALFA Sports & Spa Salzburg
Holmes Place Innsbruck
Holmes Place Wien Börseplatz
Holmes Place Vienna International Club
John Harris Linz


Holmes Place Berlin
Holmes Place Hamburg Mundsburg Center

Chartres / France

Sport at Olympic level

The axis of the imposing pool complex in Chartres is precisely aligned with the world-famous cathedral.

This stainless steel pool complex was previously the largest project ever implemented by hsb.

Key data:

Builder: Cte d'Agglomeration Chartres

Planner: ARCOS Architecture

Year of construction: 2008

Water surface: 3329 m2


Stromberg / Germany

Panorama pool

Ambitiously sporty swimmers won't be disappointed in the 25 metre pool. First steps in learning to swim are provided by the fun children's and teaching pools. The spa pool invites guests to chill out and relax.

Key data:

Builder: Zweckverband Stromberg

Planner: Architects Bremer + Bremer

Year of construction: 2009

Water surface: 617 m²

Marchtrenk / Austria

Our second oldest swimmingpool made of stainless steel is situated in Marchtrenk, Upper Austria. First time with outsinde channel.

Key Data

Builder: Marktgemeinde Marchtrenk

Year of construction: 1970-71

Water surface: 1748 m²