hsb swimming pool builder

hsb stands for public swimming pools. hsb is the pioneer of the stainless steel swimming pool. The world's first stainless steel swimming pool was constructed by hsb in Austria in 1969.

Over 2000 complexes (around 6000 swimming pools) around the world with a focus on Europe reflect the renowned hsb quality.

Timeline of the hsb | hinke company group


1946  Formation of the Erhard Hinke KG as a tank construction company
1965  Construction of the first metal swimming pool
1969  Construction of the world‘s first stainless steelswimming pool
1982  Market launch in Germany 

 Formation of hsb germany gmbh

1988  Beginning of production in Berlin (Germany)
1989  Construction of the first free-formed stainless steel pool
1990  Market launch in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
1997  Market launch in Russia
   Market launch in Scandinavia
1998  Market launch in Switzerland
2001  Formation of hsb switzerland inc.
2004  Market launch in France
2005  Formation of hsb france sas 
2007  Market launch in South America
2010  Market launch in Oceania
2013  Market launch in Central America